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Group Therapy

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Process groups are designed to explore the ways you relate to people and to access your social self–the part of you that shows up when you are around people. You will explore your present moment experience, including feelings, thoughts and behaviors. In a therapy group, unlike most social situations, you have the opportunity to receive feedback from others about how they see you.
And you get to see what happens when you try out new ways of interacting.
For example, you might practice asking for what you want, or setting boundaries. You might ask other people how they feel when you are speaking. If you tend to avoid conflict, you might experiment with confronting someone in the group.
The possibilities are endless!
In a group, you will get to the core of social blocks that are harder to see during one on one interactions. You will learn where you stop yourself from engaging more deeply with others and explore ways to deepen your connections. You probably learned your social patterns in groups, whether in peer groups or family interactions, and you can heal them by having new experiences in groups.
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