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Social Anxiety Treatment


Do you long for more social connections but find it difficult to be yourself when you are around people?

Maybe you leave social situations to try to “figure out” what the problem is when you are by yourself and you can think clearly.

Or you pressure yourself to stay with the group, trying not to stand out and fearing people will know how uncomfortable you feel. Then later you feel ashamed that you weren’t able to push through the anxiety or express yourself more.

Fed up with being hijacked by anxiety in social situations?

When being around other people feels too uncomfortable, you may try create your own life by yourself… all the while wishing that you had more close friends to share your world with. This can make you feel even more invisible.
Feeling like you’re not part of the group is unbearable and it doesn’t have to be that way. Being able to connect to others is actually a basic human need and we all need to be connected in order to truly feel satisfied in our lives.
You are not alone.
Many people suffer from social anxiety, isolation, and shyness. In fact this is becoming even more common in the modern age due to the fast pace of our world and our culture’s emphasis on individualism. We get some level of connection online, but face-to-face connection is becoming harder to find.
Of course, knowing other people suffer with social anxiety probably doesn’t make you feel better. You still feel stuck in this pattern no matter what you try. You would probably be willing to try anything if you believed it would actually make a lasting difference. You want more than anything to feel deeply connected to others, a part of meaningful community and to know your place in that community.
Imagine how great if would feel to not be inhibited by fear and hesitation around others.

Transforming Social Anxiety


I have dedicated my life to transforming social anxiety, both in myself and others. When I was in my teens and early twenties I felt a lot of shame because I would get anxious and freeze when I was in groups of people. I often felt like I couldn’t be myself when people were around. It was so frustrating!

Over time I learned how to be myself without feeling pressure be a certain way or to impress others. Now I feel completely comfortable, even when I’m presenting in front of large groups. Now I actually forget that I ever felt anxious around people. Because I know what social anxiety is like, am committed to helping people overcome it. I want everyone to feel like they belong with other people.

I approach this work from many angles. Through the process of therapy, we will carefully explore what is happening in both your emotional body and mind when you engage with others. This typically starts by paying attention to happens between you and I in different situations. Then we discuss practical steps to challenge yourself out in the world. This usually includes homework to help you build up to more and more social engagement without getting overwhelmed.
To truly address social anxiety, we also need to work with the nervous system, because your body has actually learned to go into survival mode when you are in social contexts. I can help you reprogram your nervous system so that it doesn’t hijack you in this way.

There are many different experiments we can try to reveal what is happening in your specific social anxiety. You can learn mastery over your anxiety and find the friendships and belonging that you need. This is about developing a more spontaneous and authentic way of being, and learning not to be captive to your anxiety.

Some day, you may be amazed to find that you are just as comfortable in crowds or groups of people as you are when you are by yourself. Imagine being able to be yourself no matter who is around. What would it be like to be seen and appreciated for who really you are, rather than overlooked because you don’t speak much or getting attention for how uncomfortable you are?
I know how hard it can be to reach out to someone for help and I will do everything I can to make the process as comfortable as possible. Let’s start the conversation together through a confidential phone call or email.

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