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Are you suffering with an unbearable experience from your past that keeps haunting your current life and relationships?
Are intrusive thoughts or nightmares keeping you up at night?
Do memories and feelings from the past make it difficult to concentrate at work?
Do you feel afraid all the time, even when there is no real danger?
If this sounds like you, there is a good chance you are experiencing trauma.

The Trouble With Trauma

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Did you know that trauma is an underlying cause of many emotional difficulties, including anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, social isolation and panic attacks?
Everyone experiences trauma to some degree. It can happen after all kinds of events, ranging from war to sexual or physical abuse, to car accidents, to divorce, to neglect during childhood.  Trauma happens at the point where stress becomes too overwhelming to cope with. It is not possible to be a human without experiencing some amount of trauma at some point in your life.
You may experience panic attacks or flashbacks. Or you might freeze or get spacy in certain situations. Or get startled when there is no real danger. One of the worst parts is that you find it difficult to connect with people and end up isolating yourself.
Trauma is now totally treatable. 

Trauma Treatment

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I get that addressing trauma is scary and vulnerable, and I want to help you through the healing process in as gentle and supportive a way as possible. Feeling safe is the most important thing when doing this kind of work, and we will never go faster than you want to go.
You can regain your sense of power and safety.
I believe in a multi-dimensional approach to healing trauma. I typically begin by teaching new coping skills to help when you feel overwhelmed. Then we work to reprogram the nervous system and release stuck patterns. In many cases, this process includes EMDR Therapy to help you integrate disturbing memories and ultimately release the trauma.

It is important to know that in addition to being a psychological problem, trauma is also a physical problem. 

Many of the painful experiences associated with trauma, such as paralyzing fear, spaciness and nightmares or flashbacks are a result of your nervous system reacting to experiences from the past. Because your past and present get mixed up when you experience trauma, your body is reacting to a past experience as if it were still happening. Through modern therapeutic techniques, it is possible to reprogram your nervous system so it is no longer forces you to react in a way you don’t want to. You can achieve freedom of expression again.
Trauma can be healed, and a positive transformation can happen. I have seen many people move from crippling fear and helplessness to a new sense of freedom and safety in their lives.  
What I have seen is that people who work through difficult trauma are incredibly strong and resilient people with lots of awareness and insight. When we work through these difficulties, we are forced to learn deeply about who we are and what we are capable of. Many people have even attributed great spiritual or existential breakthroughs to their process of healing trauma.
People who heal from trauma not only experience relief from symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, and spaciness. They also experience a more whole version of themselves, and less confusion about their lives. I truly understand how painful trauma can be, and I have also seen how empowered people can feel as they begin to heal it.  
If you are suffering with trauma, please take the first step and make contact. I look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way that I can.

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